Woo Pig, Y'all

My name is Savannah. I'm a baseball girl for life! Alex is my world. I am a die-hard Arkansas Razorbacks and St. Louis Cardinals fan!!! American by birth, Arkansan and Southern by the grace of God. The South WILL rise again!! Proud country girl! And farmer's granddaughter :) Mossy Oak and duck hunting. I'm in college and going to be a pre-k or kindergarten teacher. My ask box is always open if you want to talk. I'm #23 for life :) FORD for life. :)

So proud, my middle nephew just got his first racecar!! Proud auntie over here!! Can’t wait to watch my KyleKyleCrocodile race!

I can’t wait to have a baby girl to buy her all of these Jr. things!!! :)

On Tuesday, it’ll be 5 years since the good Lord gave me one of the biggest blessings in my life. My little cousin has definitely changed my life for the better. Most people have to wait until they have their own child or a grandchild to have someone named after them but I’m so glad that my little cousin was partially named after me. And funny thing is, she looks just like me. It’s so hard to believe that my mini-me will be 5. Seems like I just found out my aunt was pregnant. Seems like I just held her in my arms for the first time. MJ, I am so proud of the young lady that you are becoming. You are such a happy little girl and I hope you stay that way always. I will always do whatever I have to to make sure that NO ONE ever hurts you. I apologize in advance for when you’re older and start dating because they will have to pass my approval lol You love your little brother so much and I hope y’all will always be this close. Love you, MJ <3

On a bright note: I found out last night that one of my “big brudders” and his wife are gonna have a baby!!! Seems like just yesterday that we were running around with our dads and my uncle and raising cane with his brothers and my cousin. And now we’re all grown up. Time sure does fly.

Sam Hunt’s “Break Up In A Small Town” »»> Exactly how I feel. Breaking up in a small town sucks. Especially when both of our families have lived here for forever and our roots are buried so deep here. Can’t go anywhere or do anything.

That boy was the best thing that had ever been mine and I was an idiot to let him go. Wish I could just talk to him and try to work things out. Honestly don’t know if I’ll ever truly get over him. :/

12 weeks since my world was changed forever. Everytime I think the grieving process is getting a little easier, I realize that it’s not. {Miss you Uncle Gar!} :(

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